Me Béliveau in a few words



Admission to the Quebec Bar (1988)

BCL / LLB - McGill University (National Program - Honours) (1987) 

DEC -  Jean-de-Brébeuf College (1983)

Member of the Canadian Bar Association

Practice Areas

Collective and individual labour relations

Health and safety at work

Administrative law
Disciplinary and professional liability law


Called to negotiate, to draft and to implement individual and collective labour agreements, I developed a strong expertise in management of disputes, litigations and arbitrations regarding disciplinary and administrative measures in courts, administrative tribunals and arbitration boards. 

Involved  in numerous conflicts or situations dealing with bargaining units already unionized or in the process to become unionized, I was called to negotiate the hamonization or the renewal of numerous collective agreements, and when required, to deal with other common or specific issues resulting from same.

My  services have been retained to structure and to implement reorganization plans or business shutdowns which have involved massive layoffs or the reduction of the working weeks, with the participation in some instances, of the governmental authorities such as Service Canada.

I  have dealt with numerous cases involving health and safety issues, in conjunction with the financial, the compensation, as well as the prevention sections or services of the CNESST (formerly the CSST).

Conferences and Publications

The  tax treatment of severance payments awarded by the courts or otherwise agreed to by the parties through transaction agreements  (Conference given to the benefit of the Canadian Bar Association / the Municipal officers  Corporation / and as a training activity which was duly certified under the continuing education program implemented by the Quebec Bar).

Monitoring and surveillance of employees through audio and/or video recordings (Insight Information).

Collaboration - Jounal Les Affaires.

Collaboration for a report issued in connection with the burnout syndrom amongst the police forces, in collaboration with the Fraternité des policiers de la Communauté Urbaine de Montréal, the Fédération des policiers municipaux du Québec and the Association des policiers provinciaux du Québec.

The rights and obligations of the executive and management employees - Montreal Association of School Administrators (MASA).

Professional activities and associations

Association Espérance de vie- Enfants du monde
Fondation de l’Institut de réadaptation de Montréal
Forum des gens d’affaires Québec-Japon 

Climbing the Kilimandjaro for the benefit of the Fondation chez Doris
Conseil de la culture, des sports et des loisirs (Outremont)