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Me Béliveau's credentials and experience in a nutshell


Admitted to the Quebec Bar in 1988 and graduated from the Faculty of Law of McGill University with honours (BCL / LLB / Civil Law and Common Law), Me. Béliveau has devoted his career to develop an expertise focused primarily on labour and employment law.   

Me Béliveau is also a  mediator duly certified by the Quebec Bar.

Me Béliveau was called to represent and advise businesses and individuals in the context of labour disputes, complaints, grievances and all sorts of litigations related to labour matters (such as dismissals, lay-offs, occupational  sicknesses and injuries, essential services, etc.), as well as in the context of collective agreements' negotiations.

Me Béliveau builded his experience and expertise across the private sector as well as the public and the parapublic sectors. 

He represented and negotiated on behalf of individuals, private companies, hotels, manufactures, municipalities, police and fire departments, private and public transport corporations, as well as hospitals and educational institutions.           

The Solution

Teamwork and dedication; the keystones of your success. My primary objective will always remain to enhance the quality of my services to better serve and represent the interests of my clients in line with their needs.

Wether you are facing a dismissal, a layoff, a business reorganization, a working injury or a professional sickness, we  will work altogether with the same school of thoughts.